When arriving for your stay at The Alturas Volunteer Program, you are purchasing a package deal for your stay.

  • If you choose to depart before your package term is completed, The Alturas Volunteer Program, reserves the right to not offer a refund for the nights you will not be present with us.
  • If you wish travel during the time of your reserved package program, we do not offer a refund for the nights and days you may not be present for your scheduled program.
  • In the event you cancel your reservations within the 8 week 56 day time period prior to your reservation date, The Alturas Volunteer Program reserves the right to keep the original deposited amount.
  • You may cancel your reservation prior to eight weeks 56 days’ time period before the day of your booked reservation to receive a full refund of your 15% booking fee from your initial deposit.
  • We request that you pay the remaining balance prior to 14 days before your arrival due date. Final payment is refundable if canceled or changed before the 14 days from your booked arrival date, less 5% cc fees. 
  • A credit may be offered if you wish to extend the reservation dates to another time if you cancel within the the 8 week 56 day grace period of your original booking.

Management Terms:

  • The management at the Aturas Volunteer Program and the Alturas Animal Sanctuary reserve the right to terminate a volunteers program if the following rules are not adhered too.
  • All volunteers need to be continually courteous and respectful to the animals and Staff when present.
  • That the Animal Sanctuary Staff and the Alturas Volunteer Program are notified accordingly if you cannot arrive at the program on any perspective day or time that you are scheduled and for any other pertinent issues that may arise that may affect your volunteer program attendance.
  • When volunteering that you listen unconditionally to the staff and the directives given.
  • The Staff at the Animal Sanctuary reserves the unconditional right to decline a request of a volunteer in the event there could be safety issues or any other pertinent concerns.



We recommend that all perspective volunteers travel with accident health coverage insurance when volunteering with us in the event there is an emergency while you are traveling.

Due to the complexity of the laws in Costa Rica and the limited availability for us to be able to purchase adequate individual accidental insurance coverage for our volunteers, we require that all perspective volunteers have accident health coverage insurance when volunteering with us in the event there is an emergency.

If you are not presently insured, or your insurance does not cover you in the case of an emergency while travelling, there are several on line companies that offer you the opportunity to purchase travel insurance prior to your arrival and with little effort.

The costs are very affordable from $1.00 per day and up depending on the length of your stay and the amount of deductible that you would like to have. Here is a link to several choices where you may purchase a small insurance plan. Travel Insurance Quotes